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What changes for British Limiteds registered in the Netherlands after a No Deal Brexit?

The Dutch Trade Register has almost 1,000 registered British Limiteds (Ltds). Is your Public Limited Company or Private Limited Company registered at the Chamber of Commerce? And is your company (almost) only active in the Netherlands? In that case you will need to adjust the registration and deposit a number of documents at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

British Ltd’s are now registered at the Dutch Trade Register as a ‘foreign EEA company’ (‘buitenlandse EER vennootschap’). EEA stands for European Economic Area and is a customs union. The United Kingdom will no longer be in this union after a no-deal Brexit, so changes are mandatory.

What will change?

By Brexit, the legal form of these companies becomes a ‘formal foreign company’ (‘formeel buitenlandse vennootschap’).

Take action

You have to adjust this in the registration in the DutchTrade Register. In addition, you will need to deposit a number of documents at the Chamber of Commerce. After the UK leaves the EU you have 3 months to settle these matters. In case you do not change this in the Trade Register, you will risk personal liability. In the event of culpable bankruptcy, you may even be liable to a fine or even imprisonment.
It goes without saying that Ten Holter Noordam will gladly assist.

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