Building Industry

We have been active in the building industry for 80 years and think with assigning parties and contractors about the agreements they make and about the future of their companies or organisations.

Our Building Law, Property Law and Procurement Law specialists are experts in building arbitration, purchase agreements and contracts for services, and in all permits necessary for building, renting and developing.

In addition we have Employment Law specialists who are well informed about UTA, the collective labour agreement of the building industry, and reorganisations in the building industry. Our specialists in Company Law and Bankruptcy Law can help you with the set-up of your company, a merger or business transfer, and in the event of an (imminent) bankruptcy.

Our specialists in Administrative Law and Environmental Law are experts in the granting of permits of the Environmental Permitting (General Provision) Act or proceedings in the context of (changes in) zoning plans (Spatial Planning Act). They are already preparing themselves for the impending major changes the Environmental and Planning Act will entail.

We can therefore help you efficiently and with know-how of your industry to limit your risks and give you advice on the widely divergent legal matters you might encounter in the building industry.


Michael de Groot

Hugo Meijer

Job Velthuizen

Jurgen Vermeulen

Daniëlle de Vos

Arjan van de Watering