Cleantech means innovative technology aimed at sparing the environment by saving on raw materials and energy, limiting the emission of harmful substances and waste, using clean energy, and recycling. Cleantech contributes to a sustainable society. We find this very important and are dedicated to supporting Cleantech goals.

Our lawyers have much experience and knowledge in the field of Cleantech. We are giving advice in several projects as to the application for permits and subsidies and the agreements for services. In addition we give advice on the incorporation, set-up and management model of Cleantech companies and we draw up shareholders agreements, agreements with investors, financing agreements and other agreements involving Cleantech companies. We offer all legal services these companies require.

Current assignments and assignments recently carried out.

  • Advice in the applications for permits for a large windmill farm at sea.
  • Advice to a German investor in Dutch solar panel farm.
  • Incorporation of and drawing-up of shareholders agreements for Cleantech companies.
  • Incorporation of a cooperative between companies, local authorities and educational institutions aimed at stimulating Cleantech.
  • Advice in several applications for subsidies.
  • Advice on company matters and drawing up the property contracts for building a bio- gas plant.
  • Advice to municipalities.

We use our knowledge and experience to stimulate and facilitate the incorporation and growth of Cleantech companies. In addition we promote Cleantech in our other market areas.