Port and Trade

The port of Rotterdam is the largest seaport of Europe and has a very good accessibility and international connections. It is also one of the largest employers in the region with 180,000 persons employed in and for the port and industrial area. In addition the manufacturing industry in and around Moerdijk and Dordrecht is close at hand. Port and Trade, an ambitious sector that is changing, where people work hard and where new frontiers are sought. These characteristics are also part of our DNA.

With offices in Rotterdam and Dordrecht, our firm is historically connected with everything going on in and around Port and Trade. Our lawyers combine their love for the port as a central place of trade with a sound knowledge of the logistics sector, specifically of sea transport law, trade law and contract law, administrative law and environmental law, and insurance law.

It is a fact that several parties are often involved in the logistic chain, each with their own agreements and interests. Who is liable and who feels responsible for the solution? It is very well to trust, but providing for security is a necessity. By mapping risks in time and, wherever possible, securing these, you will avoid high costs afterwards. A large part of our job consists of prevention: the avoidance of problems for our clients. Prevention is also a major concern in the industrial sector, another important part of the Port. Rules in the field of environmental law are constantly changing (for instance, the fields of the environment or safety). What are you allowed and what are you not allowed to do, and when exactly enforcement is impending, are decisive factors for your business operations. For example, the knowledge of rights and obligations on the basis of the zoning plan and the permits is a must. This applies equally to the regulatory measures for employment conditions.

If it still misfires, quick action is needed in order to avoid high costs. We have know-how in administrative law and environmental law, contract law, private international law, and liability law, which is needed for acting strongly in such cases. If it is going to be really tight, we will represent your interests in meetings with government officials or (in event of proceedings) in court, as if it were our own case. As a multi-service firm, we can help you in all possible legal issues.

Sustainabilisation and Cleantech are also important aspects in this sector, for which we have affinity. This is expressed in, among other things, our involvement in the Clean Tech Delta, advice concerning large subsidy procedures (on the basis of regulatory measures regarding Renewable Energy Production Incentive Scheme, SDE+), setting up legal constructions in this sector, and advice with regard to the realisation of fields of solar panels and a windmill farm in the North Sea.

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