Healthcare institutions have used the services of Ten Holter Noordam for years. We are well informed about the regulatory measures of and developments in Healthcare. A number of our lawyers are members of Supervisory Boards of healthcare institutions.

Our Employment Law specialists are experts in the collective labour agreement for the healthcare sector; they give advice on the prevention and solution of labour disputes.

The lawyers specialised in the Building Industry, Environmental Law, Property Law and Procurement Law are frequently called in, when a healthcare institution realises a new building or renovation, closes rent agreements, seeks to cooperate with a housing association, or organises a tender.

Our administrative law specialists are experts in enforcement matters and procedures to obtain permits from the Dutch Healthcare Authority or the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate. They also have expertise in the field of funding and subsidies between, for example, municipalities and healthcare institutions.

Our Company Law specialists will answer questions about restructuring in healthcare groups, cooperation with other institutions/companies, and the like. If necessary, our Criminal Law specialists will assist in disciplinary and/or criminal cases.

We work closely with an accountants firm specialised in healthcare.


  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Care homes
  • Home care agencies
  • Mental healthcare institutions
  • Disability care institutions
  • Childcare
  • Physicians, physiotherapists, dentists, speech therapists (individuals and partnerships)
  • Medical appliance suppliers


Employment Law
  • Individuals (employment conditions, inability to work, dismissal)
  • Collectives (Redundancy Plan, assisting in reorganisations)
  • OBU/FLEX pension schemes
  • Collective labour agreement for the healthcare sector
  • Employee participation (discussions with Works Councils, requests for an opinion and endorsement)
Administrative Law
  • Funding and subsidy by municipalities
  • Government tariff decisions
  • Enforcement and imposing of administrative fines by the government
Company Law
  • Admission agreements (Arbitration Tribunal for the Health Service)
  • Privatising
  • Mergers, for example V&V and V&V&T
  • Setting up Independent Treatment Centres (ZBCs)
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Compliance/governance
Building Law, Property Law, Procurement Law
  • Contracting work
  • Rental
  • Healthcare funding building/renovation
  • Contractor matters
Criminal Law
  • Assistance to medical specialists and other healthcare staff in criminal and disciplinary cases
Trade Law and Contract Law
  • IT contracts
  • Insurances
  • Liability and damages

Sharing knowledge

  • MVO brochure
  • Workshop separating living and care

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