Privacy Policy

Ten Holter Noordam advocaten (THNa) is a law firm (partnership) where professionals provide legal assistance to clients and business relations. We are highly committed to our non-disclosure obligation as well as to your privacy. This is why – in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – we have implemented measures in order to protect the security of your personal data.

In this Privacy Policy we describe how we handle personal data, and which measures have been taken to optimize your personal data protection.

This Privacy Policy is meant for all people whose personal data are processed by THNa. This may refer to clients, business relations and prospects of THNa, people who have registered for our blogs, newsletters or mailings, and people who apply for a position with THNa. For the work force (employees, trainees, et cetera) of THNa we have a separate Privacy Policy in place.

This Privacy Policy sets forth:

  • what personal data are and how we obtain these;
  • for what purposes and on what basis we process personal data;
  • how long we store your personal data;
  • if we share your personal data, and if so, with whom;
  • how we protect your personal data;
  • what your rights are regarding your personal data.

Furthermore, attention is paid to:

  • adjustments to the Privacy Policy;
  • cookies and Google analytics in our web site;
  • the possibility to submit a complaint;
  • our contact details.

What are personal data?

The umbrella concept ‘personal data’ contains all and any information regarding an identified or identifiable natural person. We process the following data of those involved, amongst other things:

  • given name(s) and surname, title (standard data);
  • e-mail address, postal address and telephone number (contact details);
  • personal data submitted to us by clients and business relations within the scope of network meetings, breakfast sessions, seminars, or other meetings. These data may refer to accessibility and diet requirements;
  • personal data submitted within the scope of a job application;
  • other personal data referring to data subjects provided to us by our clients and business relations, or obtained by us within the scope of the activities of THNa based on the purposes and guiding principles set forth below.

We process these personal data, because our clients and business relations have submitted these personal data to us. In addition, we may retrieve personal data from other – public – sources, such as the Register of Companies and the Land Registry. Finally, another lawyer or a counterparty may submit personal data to us.

Our purposes and guiding principles

Based on the GDPR, we may process the personal data for the following purposes:

  • provision of legal advice or legal services;
  • compliance with a legal and/or statutory obligation;
  • acquisition, marketing and/or business-development activities, and/or communications in a general sense, if relevant to you;
  • a job application procedure.

Our guiding principles for the processing of your personal data:

  • implementation of the agreement that we have entered into with our clients and business relations;
  • compliance with a statutory obligation;
  • your permission; and/or
  • a justified interest.

Do we share your personal data, and if so, with whom?

In a number of strictly defined cases, we are permitted to share personal data processed by us. This is permitted, amongst other things:

  • in order to comply with a statutory obligation, for instance vis-à-vis supervisory authorities or other bodies;
  • if this is relevant for our (legal) services, for instance vis-à-vis counterparties, courts of law, public authorities;
  • if your personal data are processed by suppliers, such as ICT suppliers, marketing agencies, assessment bureaus or recruitment agencies or other suppliers to whom we outsource services.

We will only share this information based on the guiding principles and for the purposes specified in our Privacy Policy.

If third parties process your personal data, they themselves are responsible for a lawful processing thereof. THNa typically enters into a processing agreement with these suppliers that meets the requirements set in the GDPR.

Storage periods

The personal data processed by THNa will be stored in accordance with the GDPR and other relevant statutory obligations.

If you inform THNa that you no longer wish to receive any digital messages or invitations, we will stop sending you any messages or mailings.

We will remove your personal data if it turns out that:

  • your e-mail address is no longer in use;
  • your permission to process personal data is withdrawn and this is the basis for the processing of your personal data;
  • the justified interest based on which your personal data are processed no longer applies. This is always the case if we have not been in touch with you for a period of 5 years.

Protection of your personal data

THNa strives to store your personal data and to protect these in the safest possible way against loss, data breaches or whatever form of unlawful processing. For this purpose, we have implemented state-of-the-art technical and organisational measures that are updated on a continuing basis. For the storage and further processing of the personal data we have joined forces with reliable ICT-partners with whom we have made solid arrangements regarding the protection of the processed personal data.

Your rights

If personal data are processed on the basis of permission, you may withdraw your permission at all times, for instance by clicking the unsubscribe link placed under every digital mailing that you receive. You may also withdraw your permission by sending an e-mail to

You may request THNa at all times to obtain access to your personal data, to improve and/or complete, shield or restrict them. In addition, you may ask us any time for a copy of the personal data that you have submitted to us in a well-structured, digital format that enables transfer of personal data. Please send your request for improvement of or access to your personal data processed by us to, or by regular post to Ten Holter Noordam advocaten, attn. General Manager, Veerhaven 17, 3016 CJ Rotterdam.


This Privacy Policy may be adjusted or updated from time to time. The latest version of the Privacy Policy is always displayed in our web site. We advise you to search our web site, in any event at the moment when you submit personal data to us.

Cookies and Google Analytics

Our web site provides options for interaction at various places. You may complete forms to register for workshops or for our newsletter. These data will exclusively be used for the purpose for which you submit them.

Via our web site, functional and analytics cookies will be installed. The functional cookies are needed to enable navigation through the web site, and are only valid during your browser session.

The analytics cookies record how visitors use our web site (visited pages, technical details, and IP-address). This information enables us to investigate what the web site visitors are searching for. With the gathered information we can optimise our web site further. For this purpose we make use of Google Analytics services, amongst other things.

These cookies cannot be traced back to individual persons, and no personal data will be stored. Visitors of the web site will remain anonymous at all times. THNa deals confidentially with the (anonymous) data collected through the cookies.

You may refuse, switch off or remove cookies via your browser.


Should you have any complaint, please submit it to us at the e-mail address You may also file a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA). This is the Dutch supervisory authority who is in charge of monitoring compliance with the GDPR. The web site of the Dutch Data Protection Authority ( contains a link to the complaint form.

For information on how we handle your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy. The latest version is available in our web site, and you may also obtain a copy by sending an e-mail to

Contact details

For queries, comments or information, please contact us by telephone at +31 88 234 45 00, by sending an e-mail to, or by regular post to Ten Holter Noordam advocaten, attn. General Manager, Veerhaven 17, 3016 CJ Rotterdam.