Administrative Law and Environmental Law

Our lawyers of administrative law and environmental law advise and litigate regarding matters involving a government body. Government actions are the central point in administrative law. Often private-law and European-law aspects play a role as well. Government actions are also the central point in environmental law in addition to matters that influence the physical living surroundings (the environment and spatial planning).

We can assist you – whether you are a government body or a market player – in the granting of permits, (a change in) zoning plans, maintenance and maintenance regulation, grant regulations, administrative regulation, sanctions law (administrative penalties) and public access to government information (under the Wob – Government Information (Public Access) Act – and later possibly under the Woo – Public Access to Government Information Act).

Our lawyers also assist with agreements involving government bodies. These can be agreements between government bodies, such as joint schemes between two or more government bodies or cooperation agreements. But these can also be agreements between government bodies and market players, such as anterior agreements or agreements for services.

As a result of a close cooperation with our construction-law and procurement-law specialists and our criminal law department, we are able to assist you with the aspects of competition law and other property law and, if necessary, those of criminal law and sanctions law.

We feel committed to your organisation and offer high quality and expertise combined with a practical and speedy approach. In addition, we can help you proactively with the structural tackling of frequently occurring problem areas. We do so with workshops and (free) email alerts about important developments.


Public Access to Government Information Act (Woo) Public Order and Safety


Our lawyers are experts in procurement law and will be pleased to be your guides in that field.

(Provisional) Awarding

After the (provisional) awarding of the contract, a short period will commence within which other tenderers can object to the awarding of the contract. We think with the tenderers about the chance of success of such objections. If you have not been awarded the contract unjustly, we will help you as a tenderer to convince the contract awarder of that fact.

We think discerningly about the objections filed by tenderers. For example, sometimes a supplementation or improvement of the grounds for a decision are necessary to show a tenderer that his objection is groundless.

Preliminary Relief Proceedings

Should it come to preliminary relief proceedings in a tendering procedure, our lawyers can assist you optimally with their many years’ experience. The short deadlines in preliminary relief proceedings are well-known to us and we have set up our organisation in such a way that we can take action at very short notice.


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