Family Law and Mediation

The law of persons and family law concern, among other things, divorce, children, pensions, taxation, and inheritance law.

The position of children in a divorce is of the utmost importance. For children need not suffer additionally as a result of the divorce on top of their parents’ separation.

The consequences of a divorce involve, for instance, the division of property, such as the community of property or a prenuptial agreement, the consequences of the divorce for taxation and company, a self-administered pension, and child and matrimonial maintenance.

On the basis of our principle “pain should not be prolonged”, we offer the opportunity with divorce mediation to arrange a divorce in mutual consultation.

Mediation is a modern form of dispute settlement without the intervention of a court of law.

The parties involved, possibly assisted by their own counsel, will make arrangements in negotiations led by the lawyer-mediator about the consequences of their divorce and any disputes in that respect.

When the parties involved do not opt for mediation, a meeting of the parties with their lawyers can produce a result.

Proceedings can sometimes take years, whereas a dispute is often solved quickly with mediation or a meeting of the parties.

Furthermore it is apparent that this manner of consultation leads to a win-win situation for both parties more often than drawn-out proceedings with winners and losers.

In addition the mutual relationship is less damaged than when a hard, legal battle is fought.

Thus in particular the interests of any children are guaranteed.

Briefly put: Opting for mediation in a divorce is showing courage!


Margot van Olden

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