Commercial Law and Contract Law

Our specialists in Commercial Law and Contract Law are well-informed about commercial agreements. You can also contact us for liability and damage issues.

We can assist you in all stages of a contract. You can seek our advice, before you commence negotiations with your trade partners or have us assess a draft contract. If a contract is not complied with, we can give you advice on the legal means available to enforce its performance.

If you have a commercial dispute, we are the ones to contact. We are masters in the art of litigation. It goes without saying that we will first attempt to settle out of court, but if  necessary, we will stand firm for your case in a court of law or an arbitration tribunal.

Due to the broad range of legal subjects of the fields of commercial law and contract law, our lawyers are specialised in subareas. Please consult the profiles of our lawyers or contact one of us.

We give advice on and think with you about:
  • Purchase and selling
  • Distribution agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Franchise contracts
  • Assignment and temporary employment
  • Cooperation agreements
  • IT contracts
  • Licence contracts
  • Insurance, including policy disputes and liability
  • Liability and damages
  • Product liability
  • Wrongful statements, misleading statements, comparative advertising, and  privacy breach
  • Unlawful competition
  • Collection, attachment and sale by execution
  • Financing and security
  • General terms and conditions
  • Intellectual property (trademark law, copyright, trade name law, database law)
  • Trademarks and Designs
  • Drawing up Contracts and General Terms and Conditions: Tips and Advice
  • Successful Accounts Receivable Management
  • Current Issues

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