Tenancy Law

A major part of property is rented or leased. An important part of the cash flow in property is generated by tenants. As a result, rental is a very important part of property law. Our tenancy law specialists know this more than anyone else and have been trained to let this part of property law operate optimally. Whether for the rental or letting of residential property, retail space, not built-on property, or movable property, our tenancy law specialists can assist you towards an optimal rental relationship at all times and, if necessary, advice you in tenancy law disputes.

We act for tenants as well as landlords in housing corporations and in the commercial sector. But also for other important players in the field of tenancy law, such as government bodies. For instance, we give you advice on drawing up and assessing rental agreements and general tenancy conditions. We think pragmatically with landlords as well as tenants in order to get a picture of all relevant aspects and to include all arrangements efficiently and optimally in the agreement. We can assist you when changes occur in the tenancy law relationship. For example with maintenance issues, defects in the rented property, nuisance, deteriorating payment practices of the tenant, vacancies, bankruptcy of the landlord or tenant, substitution, renovation wishes of the landlord and/or the necessity to make new (rent price) agreements. When a conflict cannot be avoided, we will represent you in court, for instance when a notice of termination or dissolution of the rental agreement is necessary.

Tenancy law is a dynamic and often complex field of law. We ensure that all developments are in the picture, not only with us but also with you. We are pleased to share our know-how with you, among other things with (in-house) workshops and blogs, in which we inform you of current legislative changes and interesting case law.


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