The lawyers of our Bankruptcy and Reorganisation Department act as receivers in a bankruptcy and as administrators in a suspension of payments. Thanks to our experience in the liquidation of bankruptcies, we have gathered knowledge about company-specific problems in various sectors. Our lawyers act for shareholders, directors and supervisory directors if they are held liable as a result of bankruptcy. We also represent creditors, including banks, pledgees and mortgage holders, in order to collect a maximum part of their claims. In addition we advise and assist companies in financial difficulties.

We give advice to and think with:
  • Companies in difficulties
  • Reorganisation
  • Giving advice to and assisting shareholders, directors and supervisory directors in the event of financial difficulties
  • Creditors, such as pledgees and mortgage holders
  • Employees
  • How to carry out a composition
  • Drawing up security documents, such as pledge and mortgage deeds, guarantees and deeds of suretyship
  • Rights of retention and retention of title
  • Advice on and litigation regarding the granting of credit and withdrawal thereof
  • Liquidation and winding-up of legal entities
  • Applying for a suspension of payments or bankruptcy
  • Taking action against the prejudicing of creditors (Paulian action)
  • Taking action against privileges based on an attachment by the tax authorities of the property found on the premises
  • Supervising and taking action against (as far as possible) a relaunch of a company or acquisitions before and after bankruptcy or a suspension of payments
  • Settlement
  • Filing claims in bankruptcy and a suspension of payments
  • Supporting the Works Council and staff organisations
  • Relaunch after bankruptcy
  • Successful accounts receivable management: Saving what can be saved

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Ilse Harmsen

Jelle Smael

Sjoerd Warringa

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