“Without transport everything comes to a halt”


Heedful of this known slogan of Logistics Nederland, our lawyers of Transport and Logistics are active 24/7 with advice and proceedings on all means of transport (by sea, inland waterways, air, rail and pipeline) and the corresponding sectors, such as shipping, storage and transshipment, offshore and shipping agencies, cargo damage, but also ship financing, non-consumer sale, and letters of credit. We cooperate closely with our specialists in the fields of Commercial Law and Contract Law, who are active, among other things, in drawing up and giving advice on commercial contracts, and general terms and conditions.

Our specialists have extensive experience with lawsuits and arbitration proceedings. In addition, we support our clients in negotiations with the purpose of avoiding litigation and to retain commercial relations for the future. With our litigation experience, we are aware of the problem areas and pitfalls you have to know when drawing up contracts in logistic services.

We act for all parties in the logistic chain, such as shipping companies, carriers, P&I clubs, terminal operators, forwarding agents, storage companies, ship brokers, shipyards, banks, and international companies. Our clients include trade associations, such as the Hydraulic Engineering Association, the Rotterdam Terminal Operators Association (VRTO), and the Independent Tank Storage Company Association (VOTOB).

Type of cases
  • Transport, shipping, storage, and transhipment
  • Charter disputes and cargo damage
  • Terminal contracts
  • Warehouse contracts
  • Shipbuilding
  • (Shipping) agencies
  • Container leasing
  • General terms and conditions in logistics
  • (International) non-consumer sale
  • Bank guarantees and letters of credit
  • Seizure, finance and sale by execution of ships
  • Collection, attachment and sale by execution
  • Right of pledge and right of retention
  • Offshore
  • Insurances
  • Arbitration, mediation and binding advice

Ten Holter Noordam and the individual lawyers of Transport & Logistics are intensively involved as (board) members of various networks and organisations connected with transport and logistics, including:

  • Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (RPPC)
  • Netherlands Association for Transport Law specialists (NVA)
  • Netherlands Association for Transport Law (NVV)
  • Shipping Circle Rotterdam
  • Port Association Rotterdam
  • Marine Club Rotterdam
  • Transport and Maritime Arbitration Rotterdam-Amsterdam Foundation (TAMARA)
  • Dutch Arbitration Association (DAA)
  • European Maritime Law Organisation
  • Association Française de Droit Maritime
More information

For more information about our services, see the market area Port and Trade.

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