Corporate Law

Corporate law concerns the set-up of legal entities / companies.

Are you planning to incorporate a company? Are you wondering which type of enterprise is the most suitable for your business?

Are you considering a merger or a take-over of a company? Do you wish to limit the risk of being held accountable as a director for the debts of the company?

We can assist you in all these fields: as a consultant and even as a coordinator.

Incorporating a company

What is the most suitable structure for your company? This depends on the type of company you wish to operate and of the (financial) involvement of the stakeholders. For instance, a private company (B.V.), a public limited company (N.V.), but also a limited partnership or a professional partnership. We offer you an insight into the advantages and disadvantages and will help you to make the right choice.

Organisation management

The regulatory measures for listed and not listed companies in the field of good governance have increased enormously since the financial crisis. The introduction of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code and directives for non-profit organisations forces clients to face the challenge to comply with all these requirements. When are you compliant? Our clients need a lawyer who makes the jungle of rules transparent and thinks with them about solutions and concrete advice.

Directors’ disputes

Clear agreements between shareholders, the directors or the management board can prevent disputes. We will help you in drawing up Articles of Association in which rights and obligations have been laid down clearly, even when things go wrong. If a dispute arises, you will need a lawyer who represents your business interests with an eye for the effects on the parties involved. We will seek with them a solution that is acceptable to all parties.

Mergers and Take-overs

You base a take-over or a merger on the chances you see for your business. However, such a transaction brings with it many legal and financial risks. A sound inventory in the form of a due diligence audit can overcome part of these risks. What if negotiations lead to escalations or are even broken off? Which agreements do you have to make with each other, before the deal is closed, and which guarantees can you offer and claim in a joint venture? Our firm provides a broad range of expertises which play a role in a transaction; from Business Law to Employment Law and from Property Law to Funding Law: We offer you quick and expert legal advice in all fields.


Enterprises operate more and more internationally. Direct access to knowledge about foreign law systems is of the utmost importance. Thanks to our participation in three international networks, we can draw on corporate know-how in at least 160 countries. We can also assist in finding a foreign specialist with whom we have worked well together in the past.

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