Procurement law

Procurement law is a formal and complex area of law. Our lawyers are seasoned experts in procurement law and will be pleased to serve as your guide in that field.

Know-how of procurement dealings

Since we give advice in procurement law to both government bodies and tenderers, we are conversant with both sides of the story. As a result, we are able to estimate properly in our advice and litigation strategy how the other party will react.

European procurement directives apply to assignments exceeding a certain sum for government bodies and regulatory organisations. But in the event of smaller assignments, an obligation can exist to use a certain type of tender. In addition, commercial parties can choose to organise a tender on their own.

In all types of procurement, our lawyers can provide you with practical and comprehensible advice – regardless whether you are a tenderer or a contract awarder.

Purposeful tendering

In a tender, the result is of major importance, for both the contract awarder and the tenderer. Our lawyers can think with you about the tender route under procurement law that will lead to the best result.

When immovable property is sold, when an assignment is awarded to another government body, and in other special situations, the question sometimes arises whether there is an obligation to put out to tender. Our procurement specialists understand the complexity of such matters and can quickly provide clarity.

The requirements made to tenderers in a tender procedure are sometimes exorbitant and unreasonable. For example, we help the tenderer convince the contract awarder that certain demands should not be made on the basis of the Proportionality Guide. If necessary, our procurement lawyers can assist in filing a complaint with the Committee of Tender Experts.


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